Join our webinar: EMPSA reaches milestone, friends&family launch imminent!

Payment interoperability is the ability for any European consumer to use their domestic mobile payment solution at all merchants all over Europe. The aim is to provide a seamless payment experience for users and merchants alike, solving all technical, legal, and commercial complexities behind the scenes.

When: Tuesday February 22nd, 2022, 13:00-14:30 (CET)

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Paying for goods and services is the most frequent use case in all our lives and the lifeblood of an economy. Payment data also reveals consumer preferences better than any other use case. For these reasons it is vital that Europe has full sovereignty with regards to consumer data, and all technical, legal, and commercial aspects of payment in general.

EMPSA’s members are leading mobile payment systems in 14 European countries with a combined base of more than 70 Mio users and 1 Mio merchants. Enabling their combined reach to process transactions from every user in every network is what EMPSA is all about.

The Webinar will provide insights into the inner workings of the EMPSA framework, outline its technical and legal underpinnings and even show first live transactions between two of its members.

Speakers include:

  • Christian Pirkner (EMPSA Chairman and CEO Bluecode)
  • Kim Fuglsang (EMPSA Board Member and Head of Strategic Partnerships MobilePay)
  • René Hägeli (Chair Legal/Business Working Group and Chief Banks Officer Twint)
  • Peter Neubauer (Chair Legal/Business Working Group and VP Product Bluecode)
  • Oscar Occhipinti (Director of Marketing & Commercials BANCOMAT S.p.A.)
  • Paolo Salvi (Director of IT BANCOMAT S.p.A.)
  • McKinsey&Company

Registration open until February 22, 12 pm (CET).

Please note that participation is limited. Banking and payment experts enjoy preferential access. In case of any question, please contact Kai Yamaguchi-Fasting ( for further information.

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