Leading Mobile Payment Systems in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Norway and Sweden move further towards interoperability

BANCOMAT S.p.A. (Italy), Twint (Switzerland) and Bluecode (Austria and Germany) signed a memorandum on a proof of concept for interoperability.

Aim is to connect BANCOMAT Pay® and its neighbouring mobile payment systems based on the specifications created by the European Mobile Payment Association (EMPSA).
This is related to an earlier announcement this year that Twint and Bluecode are going to open a corridor for their users to roam freely in the combined merchant network in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. BANCOMAT Pay® is going to test its connection with this corridor.

Concurrently, MobilePay in Denmark, Vipps in Norway and Swish in Sweden are preparing a similar corridor to be opened within 2022.
All mentioned initiatives base on preparations by EMPSA to ensure compatibility and to prepare for overall interoperability of mobile payment systems in Europe.
EMPSA’s objective is to enable consumers to enjoy the tailored benefits of mobile payment systems while roaming freely across merchant networks without feeling the technical, legal and commercial complexity to make this possible

“The EMPSA specifications and use cases will expand further to cover additional market needs and use cases” says Anton Stadelmann, Deputy CEO of Twint and Chairman of EMPSA.

The European Mobile Payment Association (EMPSA) consists of 14 members in 15 European Markets, representing more than 70 Million users, more than one million merchants and hundreds of European Banks (www.empsa.org).